Computer Hardware Technician

PCTA’s Computer Hardware Technician diploma program  seeks to present students with training in computer hardware  beyond  the fundamentals of typical entry level computer positions,  and into more advanced job skills such as network design and management. Certain emphases in the program  also include  upgrade  decisions,  electrical  components, hardware systems, system memory,  and the hard drive, among  other topics. Students will also be made aware of the many career  fields that can be enhanced by computer knowledge, and thereby expand  their employment options.

With the goal of expanding to even more accessible job skills in the future!

Diploma in Computer Hardware

Course Number Course Credit Hours
CH 101 Introduction to Computers 2
CH 102 Computer Applications 2
CH 201 Introduction to Computer Hardware 2
CH 202 Advanced Computer Hardware 2
TOTAL  Credit Hours:
Length of Program:
4 Months