‘Parker,’ Starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham

Jason Statham plays Parker and Jennifer Lopez plays struggling real estate agent Leslie Rogers – and the combination of these two has killer chemistry on screen in this film. What’s more is that while I found J-Lo infinitely simpatico and perfect in her role, it’s as if her character wandered onto the movie from another set.

Yet it’s their “sizzle” that made watching this film so much fun. Statham plays his part in the Westlake novel-based film as proficiently as the highly professional criminal he plays demands – and I would have to say Lopez delivers one of her best performances ever as the distressed ditzy dame.

So much so that it almost makes the audience indifferent about Parker’s actual love interest in the film, Claire (Emma Booth), who has a very promising entrance and then wisps away like smoke from a smoldering fire. Nick Nolte and Lupita LuPone also show up as peripheral characters, but all the fun really happens when Statham and Lopez light up the screen together.

According to the production notes, Statham remarked Parker is a kind of anti-hero.

“He’s involved in criminal activities but he perceives all business to be in some way crooked. He never steals from people he feels can’t afford it and he doesn’t hurt people that don’t deserve it,” Statham said.

For those who are able to keep their expectations low, this is a fine shoot-em-up, poetic justice kind of film – a film thick with double crosses and much ado about honor among thieves. Parker really always does what he says he’s going to do, so if you pay attention, you might find the film predictable – but then Lopez shows up seemingly out of the blue as Rodgers, and well, the formula part of the story goes right out the window.

Analyze the entire movie after watching it I think the movie is worth seeing thanks exclusively to Statham’s and Lopez’s performances and terrific on-screen chemistry, which was really quite impressive and absolutely palpable. The film is entertaining and solid – I would choose this one over “Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters” without a doubt.