Tips to make money online

1. Mobile will grow further

A key element will be making your content not only available but also highly useable for mobile users. And tablet users. There is an increasing various number of devices on the market, all with different sizes which are used to connect to internet and view content. So you will have to optimize your web property for all these devices. In the long run however, all devices, browser and so forth will become more standardized by web technology, thus making it easier to cope with this problem.

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How to make money: Make everything you produce “responsive”, or able to cope with all formats. Even better, show your content or application differently depending on the device that is connecting to it.

2. Content quality is king

With the vast supply of information out there, it is not surprising that there is a kind of “information overload”. In basic, everything has been said and written, the information is out there. But you can distinguish yourself by presenting the information in a well-written, well-structured and aesthetically pleasing format. In this regard it is becoming more and more important that you “practice what you preach”.

The internet audience becomes increasingly critical of information quality. And search engines and social media outlets reflect this, by rewarding high quality information (and often shared) with a top spot in the headlines. High content quality goes hand in hand with the use of high quality multimedia, especially photos and videos that are easily consumed.

In this regard, “branding” become much more important as well. If you build a brand, people will recognize you. To perceive you to have authority about the subject, which makes it easier to sell them products you endorse as a brand.

How to make money:
Build your own online brand. Provide high quality content. Become the authority.

3. Special snowflakes

As everything becomes common ground and available, people want to feel special, to feel unique. This reflects in the way especially social media communication should be structured. High, laser beamed targeting is essential to success. Most big companies are disappointed with their marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter and such. But this is because they took the high level, massive approach.

In the future it would be much more beneficial to take the laser-beamed high targeted approach. It will take more effort to reach the right audience in the right way, but your return on investment will be higher as well. The main key element here is that you give your audience what they want… and more than that. As the cliché goes: under-promise and over-deliver.

How to make money: Treat every niche differently and identify their specific needs. Use new technology to target these groups and provide them what they want.

4. Internet is really going global

While western internet markets can look a bit tapped out, you can start to look at strong developments abroad, especially South America and Asia. Besides the movement in political spheres there are also social developments – as more internet freedom – you can use to your advantage.

How to make money: Learn about other cultures, and push your western money making strategy in this language. Learn the language or have all your campaigns translated. Do a business joint venture with a local.

Obviously there are many more methods to make money from than mentioned above. I am convinced we will see some of these developments very soon, if not next year already. Better to be prepared and anticipate than to be caught off guard.